Iceland Airwaves has taken many forms over its twenty years, from being a concert in an airport hangar, to a gritty 101 party, to a grown-up week-long festival with Harpa as it’s clean ‘n’ tidy hub. 2018 sees slight return to the late 00s model: Valshöllin is gone (yay!), and this year there are thirteen very different venues to explore, from an intimate 200-person capacity venue (Bryggjan Brugghús, Hressó) to the slightly-less-intimate-but-still-pretty-intimate-tbh Reykjavík Art Museum, which accommodates 1200 concertgoers.

With your one wristband, you get access to just about 500 concerts in the heart of Reykjavík. This year we have 250 bands from 30 countries, WOW!! THE best of Icelandic local music(you might be surprised how many great artists we have compared to the small population)mixed with 80 of the worlds greatest artist. This is all taking place in only for days, so make sure you get some rest before attending this festival, it might get a bit overwhelming, believe me, I´ve been there.

The festival starts tonight and will be until Sunday. Already the streets of Reykjavík look colourful, full of excitement!

Are you here for the Icelandic Airwaves?