Text by: Agata Ryszkowska

Everyone has a different approach towards Valentine’s Day and that’s absolutely fine as long as we don’t criticize others for their choices. Some of us like to go to a cinema, others to a restaurants or just do nothing and chill while watching Netflix. But there’s no doubt that Valentine’s Day has became commercialized and it manipulates us to spend it in a certain way and spend money on showing people how much we love them. A good part of us don’t even have that significant other and it often leads to feeling lonely and crying ourselves to sleep. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Of course, showing affection for our partners is extremely important and I personally think there’s nothing bad in celebrating love on Feb 14th. It’s worth doing it in a smart way, though. I’d recommend answering some of the following questions: Am I doing it out of my own free will? Will it really make me happy? Am I inspired by the media to do it? Well, it’s not bad if you positively answered the last question but it’s worth thinking it through. Amongst all of the capitalism related ways of spending this day there are many other ideas that are worth considering. Let me tell you why we think that hiking is a perfect, romantic thing to do on such special occasion!

First of all, it’s versatile.

You can celebrate it with your partner, your family, your friend or even just by yourself. Valentine’s day doesn’t have to force us to show affection only to our significant other. There are lots of wonderful people in our lives that need to be shown how much they mean to us. So let’s get open-minded and step out of our comfort zones!

Being disconnected.

Leaving town to go somewhere in the nature can be very therapeutic. You get to reset your mind and it’s focused on different sort of things than all the chores you have to do at home or work-related problems. You just forget it and live in the moment. It also means that once you start the actual hike, the data connection sometimes fails. What’s more romantic that being deeply in the moment with the person you’re away? Even if you still have the connection, it’s worth turning it off so you don’t get distracted by the insistent notifications. Being in the middle of nowhere with no distractions around is absolutely worth considering.

Getting to know each other.

We all behave in a certain way when all of our surroundings seem to be peaceful and when we have them under control. That could change when you’re outside of your safe space and you experience some obstacles while being outside in the nature. Stressful situations are obviously not joyful but you really could get to know another person (and yourself!) by experiencing them together. But it doesn’t have to be all about the negative side. Being away with someone also means that you’re ONLY with that person and there’s nothing around that distracts you from interacting with them. You can really get to know each other and get inspired by the surroundings to have unique chats and to talk about deeper topics.

Danger brings you closer.

It’s somehow connected to the previous point. You not only get to know a person by how they behave in dangerous situations but you also get to gain confidence whether you can really count on them. If you already trust them, getting through an ice-cold river or going down on a rocky, slippery path can really bring you closer. There’s an invisible bond that start growing between you two when you try to support and help each other.

Different environment, different clothing.

It’s wonderful to be comfortable enough to let in someone into your not so everyday kind of life. They may be used to seeing you in your casual or smart clothing but there’s just something else about outdoor gear. You just really start to see them as a badass person who’s prepared for everything and someone you could trust. It also gives you a possibility to check whether a certain person still likes to wear outdoor clothing that’s on the more fashionable and cool kind of side, or whether they totally prefer functionality over good looks.

Exercising is sexy!

Of course hiking is an exercise! It means that you’re both not only taking care of your physical body but also of your mental health. Moving makes your heart rate go up and you can stimulate the production of endorphins in your bloodstream which automatically improves your mood. So thanks to that you can have a really exciting Valentine’s Day! Imagine going home afterwards and running a well-deserved hot bath…