Day Tours

With Fjallhalla Adventurers

The South Coast and Glacier Lagoon

This 14-hour tour will let you explore many of the local’s favourite attractions throughout the south coast of Iceland. The tour is available during the summer season and is ideal for those that want to see all the major highlights in the South Coast on a single tour.

Private Golden Circle Tour

The well-known and popular Golden Circle tour where we visit all the main highlights. The tour takes around 10 hours and includes a special lunch at the Friðheimar restaurant and greenhouse.

Snæfellsnes National Park tour

Snæfellsnes has been called a miniature Iceland because of the many iconic natural features that can be found here – craters, waterfalls, glaciers, fumaroles, basalt cliffs, and much more. We will explore all the major highlights in this 13 hour tour.

Underworld adventure

Iceland is a highly active volcanic island. We have had a serious volcanic eruption nearly every 2 years on average over the last 40 years.​ In this tour, we are going to explore one of these lava cave systems: Raufarhólshellir.

After delving into the depths of this island we will then drive to the town of Eyrarbakki to enjoy some delicious lunch.