Text by: Benjamin Staib

Responsibility is a big word with several meanings in our daily life’s. Since we turn 18 and start joining the “club of grown-ups” most of us been told by our parents and grandparents: From now on you have more rights but also more duties by entering into independence. One of those duties is responsibility, which as a matter of fact concerns ourselves but also others and our environment. Most obvious responsibilities that would come to peoples mind are probably paying respect to other people and avoid hurting them physically or mentally., The same all of us get taught when we learn to drive and since the moment we enter a car, we are responsible in so many ways, the way to drive could affect others in a really bad way. Also one thing most of us have heard about is this popular quote, which has its origin in the Bible, known as the golden rule: “Do not treat others in ways that you would not like to be treated!” Old phrase but still valid.

So why am I writing about all this stuff and what and where is the connection to hiking and outdoor activities you may start asking yourself. I admit it is kind of a hidden message but on the other hand it’s also quite obvious maybe that obvious people tend forgetting about it too fast. We should all be aware about that’s it’s not only in the moment we enter a car, we should mind our responsibilities. It is like that as a matter of fact 24 hours 7 days a week. So let me finish drawing the circle, in the moment we making our first steps of an exciting and long term hiking trip, besides all the positivity inside us, we should still mind our duties. Here I’m talking about paying respect to the nature and their inhabitants. Think about the golden rule, you would also don’t like to have a group of deers through your backyard, eating all flowers and destroying the lawn. So in my opinion it doesn’t matter where you are and who you with, its mandatory to check out the surrounding and a suitable behavior such as walking only on trails, keep your garbage on you and avoid loud and disturbing noises. So many times you read and hear about how important sustainability is. Such a big word nowadays, sustainability, and it starts right there. Every global citizen with exact the same rights and duties (that’s at least how it should be) should never forget in their daily routine but also vacation trips whatsoever that they carry this responsibility with them and they simply owe a certain respectful kind of behaviors not only to our beautiful planet but also their own blood, their families and their following generations, so they can keep enjoying the beauties and values of the earth. It should be most simple to agree on, that everyone of us try our very best to preserve these values, just like we would do with our beautiful backyard with a perfect lawn and all the pretty flowers.