Text by: Benjamin Staib

Every time I go for a trip, no matter if it’s just a short day trip or staying somewhere many nights, I ask myself what I’m gonna need and what to pack. In the beginning I always struggled about this question and I sometimes still do. There are like so many ideas in my head depending on where I go what I could do on the trip, and what I might need. For example if I would pass by a scenic lake or a waterfall I might need swimming pants and a towel. Or if the forecast predicts some rain coming, I will need raincoat and warmer clothes.

So it obviously matters the most where you are and what season we re talking about. In general I am a big fan of taking as less as possible just because at one point the heavy weight of your backpack will start bothering you and I simple adore the freedom of going hiking and one part of being free is that you feel free from a physical point of you. I know it can be quite challenging finding the right amount of staff to take with you, especially when you’re moving and sweating and hearing your body through these physical exercises. So let’s start with the basics and from the bottom. Good shoes are definitely mandatory which I have learned just this year (I always just used sporty sneakers before and wondered why I needed 3 weeks to recover from a 6-days hiking trip…). Make sure they fit well and try them on with socks you re gonna be using! In my opinion shoes for hikers are like tyres for a car, it’s necessary to keep them in good shape, concern the weather and the surface conditions of your hiking area. If these factors are well combined, you’ll save a lot of energy, avoid possible injuries or annoying blisters and you giving benefits to your own safety.

About clothes I guess it is normal that we all have different preferences and budgets to spend. Concerning the weather conditions it is generally most important to keep your body on a natural body temperature level (~37°C) and always stay hydrated. Besides clothes that’s also an important part of your tour planing besides the actual equipment you wearing, water and food. Being active outside in the wild means your body is dependent on energy to use up. So concerning the length and level of your trip you should always take some kind of snacks with you. As I prefer it a lot carrying as less as possible with you, I would always choose food with high energy content and at the same time not taking much space in your backpack. I’m sure though everybody is still able to combine the facts of energy providing food and tasteful snacks. This would probably only become hard to combine if you decide to go on a solo trip to the South Pole or the Mount Everest. So in my opinion these are sort of the very basic rules to follow when it’s about your equipment on your trip. As I mentioned it matters a lot where you are and how extensive your trip looks like. Also if you re going in a group you can surely figure out from everybody’s personal fitness level who could maybe carry a bit more and who a bit less, makes it easier for everyone.

Enjoy the freedom of moving your body on your next trip a d enjoy your self made porridge power bars (I’ll add the recipe in my next blog, it’s so easy and do good to make, you’ll see!!).