Text by: Benjamin Staib​

Obviously most people, who are into outdoor activities having their favorite time of the year in summer. Good weather pulls the people out of their homes and let them enjoy the sun and warm temperatures. But what if you live in a country, which can’t provide these weather conditions except 3 months during one year. Well it surely draws some kind of limitation in some ways but surely not all. Iceland’s nature and landscape are without any doubt magnificent a d scenery but just as the weather shows every now and then, it surely is ROUGH. It’s easy to witness this roughness if you only spend one week for holidays here. And still I think, it represents one reason making Icelands wild side so unique and remarkable. So does these facts make hiking or other outdoor activities impossible.? I wouldn’t agree, as long as you follow some basic rules, which could possibly even save your lift in unpredictable situations. And that happens fast here. Main slogan to follow in my eyes is a quote from an action movie some of you might know: “The Mechanic” and its slogan: Victory loves preparation. Such a
deep meaning and in my opinion the perfect representation of realizing outdoor activities during winter in Iceland. Check the forecast, plan your route and take all important clothes and equipment with you. There is no bad weather, only bad clothes. As long as you keep yourself warm through clothes and activity, there is almost no limit. Just do it and enjoy a lovely cold but sunny winter day in Icelandic snow!