About the hike

Botnsúlur are several tuff peaks called Háasúla, Miðsúla, Norðursúla, Syðstasúla (1093m) and Vestursúla. Botnsúlur is the central volcano, and the glaciers have swept down the strata, leaving sharp peaks and ridges.

They all have in common that they are between Botnsdalur in Hvalfjörður and Þingvellir and are at a similar height. There is also a valley between the pillars called Súlnadalur.
There will be a walk on Vestursúla Botnssúlnar, which is 1086 m. Vestursúla is a good mountain view and easy ascent.

The starting point for the walk is in the car park at Stóra Botn in Botnsdalur in Hvalfjörður. Drive around Kjalarnes and turn right onto Hvalfjarðarvegur. Turn right into Botnsdalur past the old Botnsskáli. Follow the road to the end of the car park next to the meadow at Stóra botn.
The walk starts at 0930.
The road from the car park at the gate to the farm over the meadow and on the footbridge over Botnsá.

Then follow a path that leads to Leggjarbrjót, which is an old national road between Þingvellir and Hvalfjörður.
We set off on a steep climb up the mountain’s western slope and finally walk a ridge that leads us to the summit.

The walking group will probably be significant; it will be divided into a faster and slower walking group if the conditions are good. Thus, walking speed should be suitable for everyone.

It is essential to be equipped and in accordance with the weather and conditions.
This is a 1000 meter ascent, and the length of the walk is 13 km. back and forth.


13 Hours


From the parking lot at Stori Botn at 9:30 (am)

Level of Difficulty


Miscelleneus 28 final

Hike Duration

13 km


What to Bring

Hiking boots and clothing (not cotton), waterproof clothes in case the weather changes, snacks and water.


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