Högnhöfði Hike

ISK 22.500 per person

About the tour

Högnhöfði is a magestic mountain in the Golden circle route. Reaching up 1002 m, it is quite the challenge. The name implies the head of a male cat, and you can see the ears of the cat when looking in the west direction , standing on the peak of Högnhöfði. The terrain at Högnhöfði is unique, first hiking through a elevated slope and then lean prairie to the highest peak in the northeast.  We might just hike the small mountain Strokkur to get a better view over Brúarárskörð. Brúarárskörð is a great canyon between Högnhöfði and Rauðafell. The canyon is about 3-4 km long and the vertical drop from the start to the end is about 200 m (660ft) which puts it among the deepest canyons on Iceland. The river Búará, which originates in the canyon, cascades down the steep rocky surface

You can expect at least 6 hours hiking through different terrain and then we explore the beautiful Brúarárskörð on the way up. Bring water(2L), as we don´t pass any rivers, also snacks and lunch.

Bring proper hiking clothing, gloves and a hat just to make sure you don´t get cold. A camera, cause you will be amazed by the view we get. 


6 – 7 hours


Daily at 8:00 in the morning





15 km, from 256 í 1.018 m (1.004 m). Elevation gain: 762 m. 


What to bring?

Hiking boots and clothes (no cotton), waterproof gear in case of weather changes, snack and water. If you need any equipment for the hike, please let us know and we can provide it to you free of charge.

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Högnhöfði hike

Högnhöfði is a majestic mountain in the Golden Circle route. Reaching up 1002 m, it is quite the challenge. The name implies the head of a male cat, and you can see the ears of the cat when looking in the west direction, standing on the peak of Högnhöfði.

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