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Vörðufell is a small mountain located just south and east of the White River next to Iða, which is the very same water running in Gullfoss waterfall. Vörðufell is a triangular shaped mountain and is located both in Biskupstungur and Skeiðum municipality. On the top of the mountain is a small lake, Úlfsvatn, where some Icelandic people tried to introduce arctic char but without any success. Its drainage is around a rugged rock, called Úlfsgil. The mountain is made of basalt and its sharpest corner is the northernmost. It stands on the seismic belt between Hekla and Ölfuss and has surely changed every time an earthquake has shaken the area.

We will begin the hike at the base of the mountain and then proceed to climb the full way up to the summit of 350 m. The total distance covered will be about 10 km.

What do we mean by snacks? 

When hiking, especially in cold conditions, your energy needs double: Men: 5000 kcal / Women 4000 kcal 

Eat at every break! As for energy bars – Snickers are the best! They are cheaper and usually taste better than proper energy bars. The caramel and chocolate give immediate energy while the nuts provide a good source of long-lasting energy.

Dark chocolate is another great option for an immediate energy boost. Don’t forget that chocolate also releases endorphins in your body which is a great mood booster too!

Lengd ferðar

5 – 6 klukkutímar


Daglega kl 9:00 frá Reykjavík




Lengd göngu

10 km


Taka meðferðis?

Gönguskó og föt (ekki bómull), vatnsheld föt ef veður breytist, nesti og vatn. Ef þig vantar eitthvað, endilega vertu í sambandi og við munum útvega eftir bestu getu, endurgjaldslaust.

Bóka ferð


Högnhöfði hike

Högnhöfði is a majestic mountain in the Golden Circle route. Reaching up 1002 m, it is quite the challenge. The name implies the head of a male cat, and you can see the ears of the cat when looking in the west direction, standing on the peak of Högnhöfði.

Bjarnarfell Hike

Bjarnarfell is a 750m high mountain right at the doorstep of Langjökull and Jarlhettur. Upon reaching the peak you are welcomed by a breathtaking view over the incredible landscape below.

Fimmvörðuháls Trek

The 25 km Fimmvörðuháls Trek is without a doubt one of the most popular amongst both locals and travellers alike and has been for centuries.

Midnight Sun Hike

During summer, the sun in Iceland doesn’t set, and it never really gets dark. What you end up is this wonderful glow; that lights up the sky. Perfect hiking conditions.

Skarðsheiði Hike

When driving to the north of Iceland you see a lot of beautiful glacier-shaped mountains along the way. We offer a hike to one of those peaks, Skarðshyrna.

Vörðufell Hike

Vörðufell is a small mountain located just south and east of the White River. Vörðufell is a triangular shaped mountain and is located both in Biskupstungur and Skeiðum.

Reykjadalur Hike

Reykjadalur is a spectacular place next to the village of Hveragerdi. It is also considered as a hidden gem of the south because it is less explored.






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