5 Day Winter Tour

ISK 358.000 per person

About the tour

Day 1:

Arrival in Iceland & Blue Lagoon, the Golden Circle and South Coast

Day 2:

South Iceland & Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon 

Day 3:

Sightseeing of East coast and Mývatn

Day 4:

Dettifoss – Mývatn – Godafoss 

Day 5:

Snæfellsnes peninsula – Leaving Iceland – Keflavík airport



5 days


During winter season


8:00 in morning every Monday





  • Airport transfer on arrival/departure
  • Blue Lagoon comfort entrance (upgrade to the premium level available)
  • Golden Circle sightseeing tour in a minibus (upgrades available with other activities)
  • South Coast 2-day minibus tour with ice caving
  • Sightseeing of the east, when driving from lake Mývatn to our accommodation at Brunnhóll. 
  • Northern Lights hunting
  • Optional excursions


Day 1

Arrival in Iceland & Blue Lagoon, the Golden Circle and South coast as soon as you arrive in Iceland, your otherworldly journey begins. From Keflavík International Airport, you’ll be transported through the moon-like lava landscape of the Reykjanes peninsula to your accommodation in downtown Reykjavík.

If your flight arrives early, you can stop in Reykjanes’ barren lava field to soak in the Blue Lagoon before you reach the city. This azure geothermal spa stays warm all year round, and its natural silica mud does wonders for your skin! It’s the perfect way to relax after your flight.

If your flight arrives late, the Blue Lagoon trip will be arranged on a different day and instead, you can spend your evening soaking in the Nordic atmosphere in the northern-most capital in the world, Reykjavík.

Today, you’ll spend your day admiring Iceland’s most visited natural attractions, aptly named the Golden Circle. From Reykjavík, you’ll be whisked away on a minibus to the first site of the day; the historic Þingvellir National Park where Iceland’s parliament was founded over a thousand years ago.

The park is neither located on the Eurasian tectonic plate, nor the North-American one, but in a rift valley between. As the continents drift apart, they tear up the landscape around, causing cracks and fissures in the region.

Those with a sense of adventure can choose to go on a snorkelling tour in Silfra, a fissure located on the boundaries of the two continents. The crystal clear waters of Silfra provides an unparalleled experience as the visibility in the water can reach up to 100 metres.

Next up is Geysir geothermal area, home of the erupting hot spring Strokkur. Strokkur spews geothermal water every few minutes, creating a high water column that reaches 15-20 metres in the air. Be sure to bring a camera because of a selfie in front of the great Strokkur is a must.

The Golden Circle takes its name from the Golden Waterfall – Gullfoss, one of Iceland’s most stunning waterfalls and your next destination today. In wintertime, it looks even more breathtaking as the white water thunders through blocks of ice and snow.

During the booking process, you can add on a tour to Langjökull glacier, which feeds the waterfall Gullfoss. There, you’ll hop on a snowmobile and race across the white expanse of the glacier. 

Animal-lovers can also rejoice as today you can book a horse riding tour through the Icelandic countryside. Icelandic horses are renowned for being both friendly and gentle, and so this excursion is suitable for both beginners and expert riders.

After this amazing trip, you’ll return to the city to unwind and spend another night at your Reykjavík accommodation.

In the evening you will go on a complimentary Northern Lights tour. You can choose to board a bus heading to the wild Icelandic nature to spot the dancing auroras or jump aboard a boat and set sails from Reykjavík’s Old Harbour in search of these green, pink and white lights.

You will then spend your first night in Iceland at accommodation in Hella. 

Day 2

The South Coast of Iceland is filled with breathtaking wonders and today, you’ll start your two-day trip along with it. 

First up, you will see Seljalandsfoss waterfall, a stunning high and narrow cascade that falls over a 62-metre cliff face. Behind the curtain of falling water, a large cave is visible, and in the winter, this majestic waterfall is illuminated by strong lights. 

From there, you’ll visit Skógafoss, a wholly different but equally beautiful waterfall. Skógafoss is bigger than Seljalandsfoss and has a more classic shape. The land underneath the cascade is very flat, which allows
visitors to walk right up to the wall of water.

You’ll then continue your journey, making your way to the black sand beach of Reynisfjara near the village of Vík. Out in the North-Atlantic surf stand the imposing dark rock stacks of Reynisdrangar, watching as the heavy waves crash upon the shore. 

You’ll then continue further east, past a vast extension of black lava sand plains, the results of a single volcanic eruption. As you continue your journey, the impressive Vatnajökull glacier will start to appear. 

You will stop at Skaftafell Nature Reserve, an oasis situated between white sheets of ice and black sands. The area is located under the mighty Vatnajökull glacier, and from here you can see Iceland’s highest peak, the 2110 metre hight Hvannadalshnúkur. 

Finally, it is time to head to the stunning Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon. Icebergs from a nearby glacier break off and fall into the lagoon where they float on the serene water before drifting off to the ocean. Close by is the Diamond Beach, where ice blocks from the lagoon have washed up on shore and glisten in the sunlight. 

To finish off the day with even more spectacular nature, be sure to look up into the night sky for a chance to spot the elusive Northern Lights. You’ll then spend the night either near Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon or Skaftafell Nature Reserve. 

Today, you’ll have the rare opportunity to visit a natural
ice cave? You’ll start the day by hopping on a large custom SUV known as a ‘super jeep’ and enjoy an adventurous trip over the harsh terrain leading to the cave.

Ice caves are only accessible from November until March each year, so a trip to one is truly unique experience. The caves vary in size and shape and change daily. In the right light and conditions, they are exquisitely beautiful, shrouded in stunning electric blue colours.  

After the breathtaking experience of the ice cave, it is time to head back to Reykjavík. On the way, you’ll make another stop at Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon as it looks different in the midday light. Keep an eye out for seals lazing about on the icebergs! 

On your way to our accommodation for the day, be also on the lookout for the Northern Lights. You’ll never know when they are going to make an appearance. Accommodation at Brunnholskirkja.

Day 3

A short drive from Skaftafell is the beautiful Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon, where enormous icebergs that have broken off Vatnajökull glacier drift towards the open ocean.

Spend some time at Jökulsárlón and take in the serenity of the area. Watch the icebergs move with the waves and listen to the crackling sound they make when they break. In the winter, a large number of seals gather at the mouth of the lagoon to catch fish or laze on the bergs.

A short walk away is the Diamond Beach where ice chunks, polished by the ocean, wash up on shore and glisten in the sunlight, resembling the precious stones that give the beach its name.

If you are travelling between November and March, you will have the rare opportunity to visit an authentic ice cave in Vatnajökull glacier. These caves are only accessible in the winter as they flood during summertime. You can plan a visit during the booking process and descend into one of these caves and immerse yourself in the crystalline beauty of the glacier.

Then you head out to the eastern fjords of Iceland, a large area of vast, untouched beauty. You’ll zigzag your way through the fjords, past jagged mountains, deserted inlets, and sleeping fishing villages while the mighty Vatnajökull watches over you in the West.

The road will take you past the picturesque Vestrahorn and Eystrahorn mountains, a popular photography destination as it is possible to get a shot of the peaks mirrored in the surrounding seawater.

The largest settlement in the East, Egilsstaðir, will be your destination for the day. If the sky is clear, you might be able to enjoy the enigmatic Northern Lights. 

Day 4

From the Lake Lagarfljót area we journey to Modrudalur, near Modrudalsoraefi (try to pronounce that!) on our way to visit Dettifoss Waterfall. We‘ll also go to the colorful geothermal area of Namaskard, before replenishing our energy at Myvatn Nature Baths, you can enjoy bathing, take a stroll to see the views, or relax in the café. Your day will ends late at Snæfellsnes peninsula. 

Day 5

Snæfellnes Peninsula is famed for its isolated nature and
diverse landscapes. It is also slightly further off the beaten track than some of Iceland’s more famous sights, with tourist preferring the South Coast or Golden Circle Route to it. However, it remains breathtakingly beautiful and well worth a visit. Some even consider it to be the best way to explore the land of fire and ice, thanks to its imposing volcanoes, mighty glaciers, rugged lava fields, gushing waterfalls, amazing sea stacks, jet-black beaches and much, much more.

Grábrók Crater 

The first stop of the day is the giant Grabrok Crater in Borgarfjordur, it was formed by a large fissure eruption around 3,400 years ago and rises 170 meters above the surrounding area. This makes it perfect for those who want to hike up it and survey the beauty of Borgarfjörður and the crater itself. 

Stykkishólmur Village 

The rustic charm of the Stykkishólmur Village is another thing that should not be missed: replete with picturesque houses and an authentic local atmosphere it is a great place to snap some photos and enjoy traditional Icelandic cuisine. It is also considered to be the gateway to the Westfjords as it is the place where the ferry departs from. 

Kirkjufell Mountain 

The exquisite Kirkjufell Mountain (church mountain) can make a genuine claim to be the most beautiful place in all of Iceland. It spirals 463 meters into the air like a strangely shaped emerald pyramid and towers over the equally beautiful Kirkjufellsfoss Waterfall, making for an awe-inspiring picture that every visitor to Iceland should see. 

Djúpalónssandur Beach 

The dramatic Djúpalónssandur beach is formed with the smoothest pebbles, which provide a stark contrast to the ocean blue waters of the sea. It is framed by a series of stunning lava encrusted cliffs, making for some of the most incredible coastal scenery that you will ever see.   


The lonely and slightly foreboding Lóndrangar Castle is a pair of oddly shaped rocks that gaze out to sea like an imposing sea fort. Their isolated nature and the dramatic way that they contrast to the surrounding area has made them a popular attraction that all visitors are bound to appreciate. Local legend believes that the castle belongs to the elves that inhabit the area and it is considered bad luck to approach and disturb them. 

Hellnar and Arnarstapi 

Your final stops in Snæfellsnes are Hellnar and Arnarstapi a duo of remarkable coastal villages that are very close to each other. Arnarstapi plays host to a naturally formed harbour, replete with a series of gorgeous basalt stacks and an arch like rock formation, which looks a bit like a window into the ocean. While Hellnar is one of the oldest villages in Iceland, dating back to at least the 16th century it used to be a very important part of Iceland’s fishing industry. It is more of a tourist centre today, with visitors flocking from around the world to see the incredible rock formations that are dotted around its coast. 

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2 day – Snæfellsnes and Glacier Hike

Glacier hike to the top of Snaefellsjokull glacier. This is one of the top glaciers hikes in Iceland where you will see a stunning view over Snaefellsnes and it’s surroundings.

3-day private tour – Golden Circle, South Coast and Glacier Lagoon.

The ultimate 3-day south coast tour, where we explore all the major natural attractions in the region.

4-day Self-drive Itinerary

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10 day – Winter Ring Road Tour

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