Northern Lights Private Jeep Tour

About the tour

We bring you on a private jeep tour away from the traffic. If the forecast is in our favor we head out there to hunt for the northern lights. We bring blankets for you so you can warm up in the car while we wait for mother nature to give its best. Once (and if) the elusive lights appear it’s time to pull over, set up the chairs and blankets, and take in the spectacular swirling overhead light show. Now is the time we break out the hot chocolate and Icelandic pastries known as ‘kleina’ (a sort of twisted, yummy doughnut) – all of which are included in the tour price. 


Up to 6 hours

Level of Difficulty


Meeting Point

Pick-up and drop-off from Reykjavik and surrounding areas.


Pick up, drop off in Reykjavik and surrounding areas,
Drinks and snacks


What to Bring

Your hiking clothing and great karma for the best of luck with the display of mother nature

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