Northern Lights Hot River Tour

9.500 ISK per person

About the tour

We take you to Reykjadalur, where we relax in a hot river and hope to make the night even more perfect with some northern lights dancing above us. The display is the magic of mother nature and the most unpredictable thing, especially in Iceland, where the weather changes without prior notice.

Reykjadalur, which means “Smokey valley”, is a spectacular place next to the village of Hveragerdi. It is also considered as a hidden gem of the south because it is less explored, though it is quite easy to locate. Reykjadalur is a part of Hengill geothermal area and it plays one of the most important rules; to provide Reykjavik’s hot water, steam and electricity.

In this valley is a hot spring where you can dip in and just enjoy the unspoilt nature landscape right in front of you. Imagine just sitting in a hot spring with some steam coming from all over and when you lean back on the edges you can actually view the magnificent show of Mother Nature. So solemn and away from sounds and lights from the busy city. Just pure nature and peacefulness.

As you should know Iceland has the best water as it is 100% pure mineral and clean. Reykjadalur’s hot spring makes no exception. The spot where you can bathe in is where the river water of Klambragil valley, this is the boiling hot one, and the water from Olkelduhals, this is the cold one. This is like Mother Nature’s way of preparing your bath. Mixing the two rivers together.

​We park the car and hike for just about one hour to the spot where we undress and put on our swimming equipment. No dressing-rooms, just a shelter to hide while you undress and put your clothes back on, so you better remember to bring a towel.

Your driver-guide is also a photographer, which will teach you how to use your phone or camera to capture the spectacular lights! It is one of the first things we do when looking for the aurora, take a photo in the direction where something seems to be appearing. The camera captures more than the human eye, so it is very smart to bring a camera to see where and if the show is about to start.

Fjallhalla supplies you with a headlight and a local beer or soda to enjoy while forgetting all your worries and enjoying the perfect moment.



4 hours





✓ Transport
✓ Guides
✓ Headlights
✓ Drinks and snacks


What to bring?

Your hiking clothing and great karma for the best of luck with the display of mother nature


Pick-up starts 30 minute(s) before departure. We offer pick-up to Harpan concert and conference hall.

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Northern Lights Hot River Tour

We take you to Reykjadalur, where we relax in a hot river and hope to make the night even more perfect with some northern lights dancing above us. 

Northern Lights Private Jeep Tour

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