Hi, this is the CEO of Fjallhalla, Erla Thordis. I founded Fjallhalla 2014, decided to do the extra drivers licence in 2015 and finally claim the hiking guide licence the spring of 2017. Why the name Fjallhalla Adventurers? Fjallhalla means in Icelandic: fjall=mountain, halla= women’s name and elevation. Halla and Fjalla-Eyvindur were outlaws, famous characters in Icelandic history that survived to live in nature, those characters were definitely an inspiration when finding a proper name for the company. We wanted it to be different, more authentic. Adventurers, cause well, we enjoy the trips and being in Icelandic nature just as much as you do. We love our jobs. Do what you love, and love what you do right?

Hiking has always been an interest of mine. What stopped me for so many years was maybe immaturity and insecurity. My mother then brought me with her on an adventure that was a game changer. The project was called 52 mountains in one year. Sounds extreme, doesn´t it. I got hooked. Probably 8 out of these 12 months we had bad weather. Which in Iceland means rain/snow and wind, sometimes more than 35 m/s. You can say that we got to know what outdoor clothing meant. NO COTTON. No “waterproof” shell can hold intense 35 m/s for many hours, just a fact, unless you are wearing an unbreathable raincoat that makes you wet on the inside anyway, NOPE. What kept us alive was being on the move, we had enough to drink and eat, following very experienced guides and well, wearing wool. Hiking is not just an exercise, the best one if you ask me, cause you are training your body to challenge uneven surfaces. Reaching the top is then probably one of the best rewards you will ever get, even though it might be foggy, it is still the peak.

When hiking you breath in the fresh air, you want to drink water but not coke, and you are basically allowed to eat anything, though you will realize after some hikes what is practical to bring. Challenging in the way that you have to prepare beforehand what to eat and drink, as there are no shops on the way, so don´t eat all your food at the first stop! Rewarding in a way that you are definitely getting in better shape and will be having happy sore muscles the day after. Also, just a mind cleanser, cause you are so busy preparing where to put your foot next, all your troubles will just have to wait for your mind to come back. With all the noise in big cities and the spam harassing us daily, you can find perfect silence closer to you than you might think. After I met my boyfriend in November 2016, I decided to move to the countryside in March 2017 and I have asked him to join me on a hike every day since then. I consider myself lucky to live next door to all these challenging mountains. It is the perfect place for an adventure company and I look forward to seeing my baby grow big.

When are you joining us on an adventure?